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Far, Far Away is a Race in Burnout Paradise.


Follow your rivals as they head towards Franke Avenue and go North-West on that avenue. After the Young Avenue intersection, keep left and pass behind the building to cut the 7th Street junction. Use the next alley to cut another bend and use the Hamilton Avenue crossing to switch lanes on 7th Street.

Approaching the Lambert Parkway intersection keep to the right to align your car perfectly for the Super Jump taking you over the pond and onto Newton Drive. Head North and turn left at the West Crawford Drive intersection. Continue on the Drive up the hill and enter the train tunnel.

Continue on the Crystal Summit Railroad train tracks until you approach the Read Lane access, which is where you should get off the tracks. Go up Read Lane and take a left on North Mountain Drive.

Keep left to immediately take the dirt paths and once engaged stay on it to pass under the bridge and drop down back onto the Drive, the finish line is then dead ahead.