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The Factory Muscle is the fourth listed car in the Factory Series in Burnout Dominator and reappears later in the game as the Tuned Muscle in the Tuned Series. Despite its bulky appearance, it actually handles reasonably well and is a good drifter. However, this responsiveness means that it's lighter than it looks, making it surprisingly less effective when using this car as a battering ram on rivals.

It can be painted in gray/white, red/black, and yellow/black. Rivals can be seen driving this car in red/white and blue/white, the player cannot choose the latter two due to the 3-color limit.

It has a generic American license plate that reads "DO-FA-04" (Dominator Factory 04).

How to Unlock[]

Available from the start.


The Muscle resembles Fifth Generation Ford Mustangs, which shares the dominant headlights on the sides of the car up front, wide brake lights on the back, a hood scoop from the 2007 model, and a flat-sided, basic geometrical design with the Factory Muscle.

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