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The Factory GT is a supercar returning from the previous installment, Burnout Revenge. Upon first glance, the Factory GT screams speed, and that is what it excels in on the track. Compared to the Low Rider, it performs much better in most events and is also easier to unlock than the Low Rider. The speed is maxed in both ports and acceleration is quicker although it still feels underpowered compared to the other Dominator representatives. Despite its aggressive styling, the Factory GT is not a vehicle designed with Road Rage in mind.

This vehicle comes in red, yellow and black (with golden rims).

How to Unlock[]

Attain gold in the Factory Series Dominator Challenge (30,000 Maniac Points in Maniac Mode).


This car is a reused model of the Factory R190 GT from Burnout Revenge. It resembles the Factory Five GTM with race modifications, the front of the car looks very similar to the 1998 Volkswagen W12 Roadster with many of the counterparts closely resembling those seen on the Maserati MC12 Corsa. It also looks similar to the Super Type 3 from Burnout 3: Takedown.

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  • In the intro movie for Burnout Dominator and in the background menu videos, a purple Factory GT can be seen. For unknown reasons said color was not made available for use.
  • It is a symbolic car to Autobahn and features a German license plate that reads: "DOM 2" (Dominator 2)