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Face Off 2 is an event in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. It is the sixth stage in the Championship and is unlocked by getting a Gold Medal on every race in the Winding Road Grand Prix.

This Face Off takes place on Airport Terminal 3 against the Oval Racer. This can be noticeably harder than Face Off 1, as an increase in traffic, coupled with the high speed of the Oval Racer, can make this quite a challenging event.

The Hot Rod is a viable choice, as is the Roadster or Driver's Ed, as not only do they have good top speeds, but their handling is also responsive.


This event is comprised of a single Face Off.

Title Icon Conditions
Airport Terminal 3 Airport Terminal 3 B2 thumb Sunny


  • Finishing in 1st place unlocks the Oval Racer.
  • Completing Face Off 2, along with 3 other Face Offs and the Custom Series Qualifier, contributes to the unlocking the Face Off cheat mode.