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Face Off is an event that has been around since the original Burnout and it returns in Burnout 3: Takedown. The aim is to beat a lone driver for their car.


The player's goal in Face-Off is to win a race against a single opponent. The rival driver is able to drive much more skillfully than the rivals seen in normal Race events. As a result it's imperative that player's keep up with or stay ahead of the rival as it is very easy for them to beat the player.

The reward for beating a Face Off is both a Gold Medal and the car the rival was driving. Only the Modified, Prototype and Dominator vehicles of any given Race class are able to be won via a Face-Off event.


Face Offs are much more intense than regular races since there is little to no room for error during the race.

  • Taking down the opponent at the beginning of the race as it will improve the player's lead and reduce the chance of being overtaken.
  • A single crash could ruin a player's chance of winning the race. This makes it imperative that the player pays just as much attention to the road as the opponent.
  • Players should attempt overtake the opponent at any opportunity.

Vehicles that can't be unlocked in a Face-Off[]

There are two Modified and Prototype vehicles that can't be unlocked by winning a Face-Off event;


  • The Tuned Coupe and Tuned Super are the only Tuned class vehicles that can only be unlocked by completing a Face-Off.