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Disambig iconThis article is about the Cheat variant. For the original mode, see Face Off (Burnout 2).

The Face Off Cheat in Burnout 2: Point of Impact is a Cheat version of the standard Face Off mode. Face Off being a variant of Race mode, the cheat version of Face Off shares the same goal as both.

Once unlocked, Face Off replaces the Single Race mode in Single and Multiplayer.


Like the regular Face Off, the cheat mode remains at its core a Single Race where the Player selects his only rival.

How to Unlock[]

One must win all Face Offs in the Championship in order to unlock this cheat.


B2 Multiplayer Face Off

The start of the Multiplayer cheat mode.

In the Multiplayer menu, Face Off also replaces the Single Race option and in this mode, both Players compete against each other without the presence of CPU rivals.