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Disambig iconThis article is about game mode in Burnout 2. For the cheat in the same game, see Face Off (Burnout 2 Cheat).

Face-Off is an event type in Burnout 2: Point of Impact with player racing against an opponent driving a unique vehicle.

The goal of the event is to complete a timed race, either around a circuit or from A to B in a point-to-point race, with the Face-Off's defining difference being that there is only one rival racer.

At first, Face-Off events can only be found in the Championship, and are unlocked by the player earning a gold medal in every race in the preceding Grand Prix event - with the exception of the Custom Series Qualifier, which is always unlocked as long as the player comes first in the Street Storm Grand Prix. There are no Face-Off events in the Custom Series Championship.

In Championship Face-Offs, the sole rival always uses a car that the player does not have unlocked. They can be seen as a counterpart to the Pursuit events; where the early pursuit events unlock flashy collector vehicles, Face-Off events involve faster, race-tuned vehicles. When a Face-Off event is beaten, the car used by the opponent is unlocked for the player's use. A Face-Off can be re-entered at any time with any vehicle, even the one used by the opponent, but there is no reward for completing it more than once.

When all of the Face-Off events in the Championship have been beaten - except for the Custom Series Qualifier - the Face-Off cheat is unlocked, which can toggle a single race event into a Face-Off and allows the player to choose the car used by their rival.