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Face-Off is an event type in Burnout, with four events separate from the main championship, and are unlocked by completing the four Grand Prix events. They are also the only way to unlock the four hidden vehicles.

A Face-Off event follows the same rules and regulations as Race events; 3 laps on a timed circuit with checkpoints scattered throughout against a single opponent driving a unique vehicle.

The goal is to finish before the opponent. If the player wins a Face-Off, the vehicle that was used by their opponent is unlocked for the player's own use. Once unlocked, Face-Off events can be replayed whenever the player desires, even if it has already been completed. In addition, any car can be used, including the car used by the opponent, but there is no reward for beating a Face-Off more than once.


Event Name Unlock CriteriaCourseReward Vehicle
Face Off 1 Beat the Journeyman Grand PrixTwilight HarborRoadster
Face Off 2 Beat the Big Run Grand PrixRush HourTow Truck
Face Off 3 Beat the Savage Streets Grand PrixNight ShiftSaloon GT
Face Off 4 Beat the Twilight Grand PrixMidnight Run


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