The Face-Off event is the third event in Burnout 1 that would later appear as core events in the later Burnout 2, Burnout 3, Burnout Legends, and Burnout Paradise games. In Burnout 1, it is also the only way to unlock new vehicles.


A Face-Off event follows the same rules and regulations as Race events: 3 Laps on Loop tracks and A to B on Route tracks, and timed checkpoints at periodic points along the way. However Face-Offs differ from Races in that the player faces only one opponent, but the opponent is also in a car the player does not have in their current vehicle selection. In addition, the reward for winning a Face-Off is the vehicle the opponent was driving.

There is no reward for winning a Face-Off again if you have already run it, however you can try it again with any vehicle you have unlocked, even the vehicle you got when you originally won the event.

Event ListingEdit

Event NameCourseReward Vehicle
Face Off 1Twilight HarborRoadster
Face Off 2Rush HourTow Truck
Face Off 3Night ShiftSaloon GT
Face Off 4Power Surge



In Face Off 2, if a player is using a medium level car and stays to the left of the Tow Truck there is a possibility of the player being flattened against the wall. This could also be considered a "takedown" although the term had not been used in Burnout games at that time.