This page is a guide of car events in Burnout Legends.

World Tour


The Crash Nav, where players choose a World Tour event.

Collect Global Burnout Points as you earn medals in race and crash events.


Make it across the finish line in first place.

Time Attack

Beat the best lap time on a track.

Road Rage

Take down as many rivals as you can to beat the course record before your damage becomes critical.


Take down the lawless target before they get away.

Legend Face-Off

You and a challenger go head-to-head. The winner adds to his garage the same type of car the loser drove in the race.


The burner in last place at the end of each lap is toast. Winning each eliminator event unlocks the collector vehicle that you raced in.

Burning Lap

Beat the bronze, silver, or gold lap time in one lap to earn medals.

Grand Prix

Grab as many GP points and pull as many moves as you can across these sprint races. Regular GPs can be entered before a series is even completed, but Legend GPs are unlocked by getting gold in all the other events. While regular GPs allow any unlocked series vehicle, Legend GPs limit players to one of two legend vehicles and places them against the other car plus two from the next series. Both events share the same tracks in a series but the Legend GP is in reverse direction.


Strategise to cause the biggest traffic pile-up possible.


Double Impact

Two players fight for crash money. Collect pick-ups and use Crashbreakers to try and earn more money than your opponent.

Party Crash

Get behind the wheel for the biggest smash. Two to six players can play either solo or co-op in teams of two.

Challenge Race

Compete against a friend in an attempt to earn their collector car. The winner gets the loser's collector car.

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