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This is a listing of car events in Burnout Dominator. Crash Mode, and it's sub-modes, have been excised from Dominator.


Pull off Drifts, Oncoming, Near Misses, Air and Burnouts to earn points in two laps of a given track. Each Burnout multiplies your Combo Score.

Drift/Near Miss/Burnout Challenge[]

Similar to Maniac, however the player earns points only through a specific method. Burnout Chains multiply your score, as in Maniac. Not available in Multiplayer and Record Breaker.


A one, two or three-lap race to the finish on a racetrack.

Burning Lap[]

Make one lap around the Track as fast as you can in a Series' Dominator Car to earn Medals. Racers earn more boost than usual in order to live up to the event's namesake. Not available in Record Breaker Mode and Multiplayer Mode.

Road Rage[]

Takedown as many opponents as you can before time runs out. Every three Takedowns will extend the clock by 30 seconds. In Multiplayer, the first to 10 Takedowns wins.


The driver in last place every 30 seconds in this event is eliminated from the race. The last one standing wins. Not available in Record Breaker Mode.

Rival Challenge[]

While not an Event in and of itself, Rival Challenges ask the player to perform a certain task in any of the above events to unlock a new car. This can vary from Drifting a total of 1,000 feet to taking down a Rival three times.

Grand Prix[]

An event comprised of three Race events on different tracks. Points are earned depending on race placings, the winner is the one with the most points at the end of the GP. Only available in World Tour Mode.

Dominator Challenge[]

Exactly the same as Maniac, however the car chosen is the Dominator vehicle for the current class. A win in this event unlocks the vehicle for the Dominator Series. Not available in Multiplayer and Record Breaker.

Time Attack[]

Similar to Burning Lap, however the Boost is earned normally and the player can race for an unlimited amount of laps. Only available in Record Breaker mode.


Only available in Party Play, for up to four players. Similar to a Grand Prix event, however the player can choose from five Series: Lap Leader, Road Skill, All Rounder, Mixed Grill and Mostly Harmful.

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