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The Euro Super is a vehicle in Burnout Dominator. This Italian-styled machine is a purebred racer that has excellent speed and drifts through corners with ease. For these reasons, the key to mastering the Euro Super is not to use it as a brawler, as it handles combat rather poorly. Instead, this supercar is best put to use through reckless driving techniques to Supercharge the Boost, then slamming on the Boost button and leaving the rivals in its wake.

This supercar can be colored green, red, and blue.

How to Unlock[]

Get 100,000 Maniac Points in Maniac on Bushido Valley.


In general, the design of the Euro Super is heavily influenced by modern-day Ferraris, most notably the 2002 Ferrari Enzo and the Ferrari FXX. There are yet a few differences from them, though--for instance, the tail end of the Euro Super is more curvaceous than both vehicles, and the end is very short.


  • Represented as a car of Carnival Gate (PSP release only), this vehicle has a Brazilian license plate that reads: "DO-SU05"
  • An inspection of the tailgate reveals that this is a "4.2s" model. This possibly means it is powered by a 4.2 liter supercharged V10 engine, as the Euro Super has a V10 engine sound and its engine in the rear looks like a V10 engine.

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