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Euro Marathon is a track in Burnout; the 4th track unlocked and the 7th overall.

It is the first marathon track, combining the two European courses; River City and Harbor Town, into one long circuit.

It is unlocked after completing the Big Run Grand Prix, alongside a Championship event for the marathon. Completing the Euro Marathon championship event will unlock its reversed route - Euro Marathon EX.


The sunset views can be a distraction along this course, as while the view is nice, it is vital to keep focus on the road at all times, as traffic is quite dense and can blindside players on multiple occasions.

Combining the winding roads of Harbor Town and the long, congested straights of River City, a well-balanced vehicle is the best choice for this course. It is quite long, and an average lap can last anywhere between 4 to 5 minutes.


The race begins at the same position as River City does, although it quickly leads into Harbor Town. It then links back into River City near the port in Harbor Town, just a short while before the end of the normal course, and then proceeds on from the bridge in River City that crosses over the highway below.