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The Euro Classic LM is a car from Burnout Revenge, and would later appear as the Rossolini LM Classic in Burnout Paradise. It comes in green with gold rims, red with beige rims, and blue with red rims, (AI seen with other colors) as well as the number 8 on it. It's just as responsive and quick as it was in Revenge, but also as fragile. The Euro Classic LM is best used to dodge rivals rather than fight them.

How to Unlock[]

Earn 140,000 Maniac Points in the Race Special Series Black Gold Highway Maniac Mode.


The Euro Classic LM resembles the Ferrari P4, particularly the front and the sides. Even the Racing Number in a Circle was reproduced in the LM Classic. It is also the same model from Burnout Revenge, however, being as a "Euro Class" vehicle.(From the angle in the picture, it also resembles the Chaparral 2D.)

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