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The Etnies Racer is an unlockable race vehicle in Burnout Revenge.

It can be described as a "jack of all trades" vehicle; capable of being used in any event, and is the second heaviest race vehicle available behind the Low Rider. With its heavier weight, it can be used to shunt and shove opponents around the track with somewhat ease, although not to the same effectiveness as the Low Rider.

Compared to other special cars, the acceleration can be lacking, with the initial boost acceleration keeping pace with most cars, but begins to fall off around 160 mph. Unlike its rivals, it struggles to maintain its top speed, frequently dipping below 200 mph.

To compensate for its top speed and weight, the handling is much more stable and predictable with practice. Despite its Medium weight rating, the drift angle is fairly narrow, allowing players to cut a lot closer to the apex of a turn than most vehicles, as the rear tends to follow the front, and rarely overtakes it, allowing the car to take sharper turns with ease.


The Etnies Racer is unlocked upon completing the Motor City Challenge Sheet.


  • Etnies is a footwear brand known for its signature designs as well as its association with professional skateboarders and BMX riders.
  • In the PlayStation 2 and Xbox releases of Burnout Revenge, the Etnies Racer has a level 6 crashbreaker.