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Eternal City is one of two European locations in Burnout Revenge. It is based on Rome, Italy and features two circuits.


Short Circuit[]

Eternal City Short

The short circuit route starts on a small freeway but quickly exits it to get through the narrow roads of the city. Players have to look out for arch walls and be prepared for the circuit's tighter corners, with a 180 degree corner also features a shortcut allowing drivers to cut through it. There is surprisingly a fair amount of buses and big rigs driving in this part of the city.

Long Circuit[]

Eternal City Long

The long circuit route follows the central freeway, and extends south. Featuring elevated sections, stairways and even sharper corners, there is plenty of danger within the circuit. The southernmost section of a track takes place on an even busier freeway near the Colosseum.

World Tour Events[]


  • Rank 2: Burning Lap Long Forwards
  • Rank 2: Race Long Forwards
  • Rank 2: Road Rage Long Reverse
  • Rank 2: Race Long Reverse
  • Rank 4: Preview Lap
  • Rank 5: Road Rage Short Reverse
  • Rank 5: Crashbreaker Race Long Reverse
  • Rank 5: Crashbreaker Race Short Reverse
  • Rank 5: Eliminator Long Reverse
  • Rank 5: Eliminator Short Reverse
  • Rank 5: Traffic Attack Short Forwards
  • Rank 5: Grand Prix 5
  • Rank 8: Crashbreaker Race Long Reverse
  • Rank 8: Traffic Attack Short Reverse
  • Rank 8: Traffic Attack Long Reverse
  • Rank 8: Crashbreaker Race Short Reverse
  • Rank 8: Crashbreaker Eliminator Short Forwards
  • Rank 8: Crashbreaker Eliminator Long Forwards
  • Rank 8: Crashbreaker Road Rage Short Forwards
  • Rank 8: Crashbreaker Grand Prix 8
  • Rank 10: Traffic Attack Long Forwards
  • Rank 10: Burning Lap Long Reverse
  • Rank 10: Crashbreaker Road Rage Long Forwads

Crash Junctions[]

Eternal City has 5 Crash Junctions in a unique area:

  • Rank 2: "Road To Ruins"
  • Rank 4: "Circle Of Strife"
  • Rank 5: "Rome Wrecker"
  • Rank 5: "Smackeroni"
  • Rank 8: "Eternal Flames"

Xbox 360 Release[]

The Xbox 360 release includes an extra Crash Junction for Eternal City:

  • Rank 5: "Pasta Red Light"


  • There are several Crash Junctions for Eternal City created during development that are not featured in the released game:
    • Unknown Junction
    • "Roam Rage"
    • "Roam Wrecker"
    • "Piazza De Disaster"
    • "Leaning Tower of Pieces"
    • "Pulp Friction"
    • "Pasta Red Light"