Eliminator in progress

Eliminator is an event featured in Burnout Legends. It has been previously featured in Burnout 3: Takedown. This event can only be played in the Burnout Legends World Tour mode. The driver who is in last place at the end each lap will be eliminated until a single driver remains. It is similar to standard race events seen in Burnout Legends.


The player can Takedown, Aftertouch and Boost their vehicles throughout the event. The only difference is that a driver in last place gets knocked out of the event at the end of each lap until only one driver is left. There are three medals the player can achieve in this event; Gold for winning, Silver for getting knocked out on the penultimate lap and Bronze for getting eliminated on the third to last lap.


A good tactic is for the player to be very aggressive and try to take the lead as soon as the event begins. The player can then block opponents while avoiding anything that could wreck then. If the player finds themselves in last place then they should make speed their top priority. Getting the gold will earn the player one of the collector cars of the class the event was completed in. The collector car earned is random.


  • Collector cars are not available in the Nintendo DS version of the game.
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