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Driving Skills are maneuvers that players can execute using their vehicles and are the essence of gameplay in the Burnout series. They can be used to the player's advantage in every event they participate in.

Some are used to enhance a vehicle's performance such as drifting but all of them are mainly used as a way to replenish a car's Boost bar. Such skills can be performed by any vehicle although some are naturally more adept than others at certain skills

Driving skills[]

Skill Name Description Image
Air Time The amount of time a vehicle has spent in the air Rattler-Sport-Spur Airtime
Boost A fuel that increases a vehicle's acceleration and top speed Montgomery Hawker Solo 03
Crash Escape Avoiding a wrecked rival Hydros 616-Wreck
Draft Driving closely behind a rival Marked man
Drift When a vehicle over steers around a corner Paradise Tandem Drifting
E-Brake The amount of degrees a vehicle has spun after using the E-Brake Jansen 88 Special B
Jump Distance The distance a vehicle travels from a jump to the location it landed E3 GTConcept 01
Near Miss Driving close to traffic whilst overtaking at high speed Near Miss
Oncoming Driving on the wrong side of the road Palm bay heights
Takedown Forcing a rival to crash Takedown
Traffic Check Colliding with traffic without wrecking Burnout-revenge-1

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