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The Driver's Ed is a vehicle in Burnout 2: Point of Impact that is a variant of the Compact model. It is the first vehicle the player uses when starting a new game, as it is the only one they can use when proceeding through the starting game mode, Offensive Driving 101.

In a way, the Driver's Ed can be viewed as a smaller upgrade to the Compact, similar to its custom variant, but on a smaller scale. It features identical control, although its been given a small speed boost and a big increase to its acceleration, making it a really good option at the start of the game if it can be unlocked early.

For the Xbox release, the Driver's Ed was given a major boost in terms of speed and a smaller increase in handling. These changes put it on par with some of the custom class vehicles and, overall, make the Driver's Ed a much more desirable racing machine at every point in the game.

The Driver's Ed does not come in any additional colors on any release of the game. It is also one of the two vehicles that the CPU never uses, the other being the Cop Car.

How to Unlock[]

Earn a Gold medal on all Offensive Driving 101 lessons.


Apart from a vinyl and the "Student Driver" sign on the top of the car, the Driver's Ed is identical in looks to the Compact and does not feature any of the additional parts that the Custom Compact has.