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B2 Compact drift

The Compact in Burnout 2, drifting at speed into a corner.

Paradise Tandem Drifting

The Hawker, GT Concept & 25 V16 Revenge drifting in unison.

Drifting is a driving skill that puts a vehicle into a power slide. Heavy braking and acceleration in quick succession can cause the rear wheels to lose traction on the road and allow the rear to slide. This technique can be used to maximize a vehicle's exit speed from tight corners although some Speed boost vehicles in Burnout Paradise can be difficult to Drift due to their high amounts down force.

It is possible to control the angle of the drift by steering in the direction the vehicle is turning. Another way to alter the drift angle is by tapping the brake to tighten up the drift. Extended drifting can be performed by finding a wide open area with no cars and then simply holding a large drift in a circle. Using this approach can make it easy to rack up thousands of yards of drift in a single turn. A great example of an area like this is the Wildcats Baseball Stadium in Burnout Paradise.

Drifting is also a key part of Stunt Run events although it only contributes to a small amount of a player's total score. It can be used to keep a timer running or end a combo. It is also one of the best and fastest ways to add boost back to a vehicle's boost bar.