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Burnout3 Downtown

Downtown is a track in Burnout 3: Takedown set within the USA. It is based predominantly on Chicago, Illinois, with some details inspired by Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It takes players through the streets of a busy city with bridges, a main street, and a section of elevated railroad with lots of pillars that can be extremely dangerous for beginner and veteran drivers alike.


Race Events

Event Direction Type Goal Car Limits
Preview Lap 1 Southbound Preview Lap B2 Gold 1:03.00 Sports Type 3
B2 Silver 1:10.00
B2 Bronze 1:30.00
Road Rage 1 Southbound Compact Series B2 Gold 5 Takedowns
B2 Silver 3 Takedowns
B2 Bronze 1 Takedown
Race 1 Northbound Compact Series Tuned Compact
Race 2 Southbound Muscle Series
Road Rage Northbound Muscle Series B2 Gold 9 Takedowns
B2 Silver 5 Takedowns
B2 Bronze 2 Takedowns
Preview Lap 2 Northbound Preview Lap B2 Gold 0:55.00 Euro-Circuit Racer
B2 Silver 1:03.00
B2 Bronze 1:15.00

Crash Events

Event Goal Crashbreaker in
Cross Traffic B2 Gold $145,000 8 Wrecks
B2 Silver $100,000
B2 Bronze $60,000
Demolition B2 Gold $190,000 8 Wrecks
B2 Silver $150,000
B2 Bronze $55,000
Dead End B2 Gold $500,000 10 Wrecks
B2 Silver $250,000
B2 Bronze $70,000
Wrecks City B2 Gold $450,000 10 Wrecks
B2 Silver $250,000
B2 Bronze $70,000
Hate To Be Late B2 Gold $600,000 15 Wrecks
B2 Silver $250,000
B2 Bronze $80,000
Hold Tight B2 Gold $500,000 12 Wrecks
B2 Silver $250,000
B2 Bronze $80,000
Traffic Jammed B2 Gold $450,000 10 Wrecks
B2 Silver $250,000
B2 Bronze $80,000
Bus Blockade B2 Gold $400,000 14 Wrecks
B2 Silver $250,000
B2 Bronze $85,000
Grid Locked B2 Gold $600,000 12 Wrecks
B2 Silver $400,000
B2 Bronze $90,000
Air Rage B2 Gold $500,000 12 Wrecks
B2 Silver $200,000
B2 Bronze $90,000
Hit And Run B2 Gold $500,000 15 Wrecks
B2 Silver $250,000
B2 Bronze $80,000

Signature Takedowns

Pillar Driller Hit the Split Truck Torpedo

  • Pillar Driller: Takedown a rival into the Black and Yellow pillars supporting the Railroad Tracks. These can be found in a long straight after the second Red bridge (Southbound), as well as other places along the track.
  • Hit the Split: Takedown a rival into the opening/closing split of the underpass. If driving Southbound, this will be the first tunnel after a left turn.
  • Truck Torpedo: Takedown a rival into a Big Rig with a speedboat on it's trailer. This can be a difficult Takedown due to the rarity of Big Rigs with speedboats, but they can be found dotted on the rounds surrounding Silver Lake or 10 seconds after the start of a race in Waterfront (Westbound).

Crash Headline

Downtown Demolition - Cause a crash damage of $650,000.

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