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Double Impact is a Burnout 3: Takedown local multiplayer game mode. The mode's objective is identical to the single player's Crash Mode but with two players crashing at the same junction simultaneously. As opposed to Team Crush this mode is not co-operative since both players compete against one another for the best crash location at the junction. The winner of the round is the player with the biggest score.

Common Points[]

  • In Double Impact the crash junction layout is identical to the single player mode (IE: number of traffic cars, flow of traffic, number and positioning of jumps, etc. etc.). This may lead to both players having to rethink their strategy, thus hitting distinct parts of the crash junction to ultimately maximize the final score.


  • A new pickup is introduced, the Stealer, which switches the players' scores at the end of the round. This pickup applies once all other Pickups are calculated (IE Cash Bonuses and Crash Multipliers).