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Dominator boost is a boost type featured only in Burnout Dominator and is similar to the original boost seen in Burnout 1. Dominator boost follows both the rules for the original boost and aggression boost as it can be used at any time or can be conserved to fill the boost bar. However, doing aggressive driving skills while using the "aggression" boost will not fill up.

When the boost bar is full it becomes supercharged and follows similar rules to speed boost as it can be chained to perform burnouts. Unlike the normal boost, supercharge boost drains about 1.5x faster. While using the boost in a supercharged state, the player must perform dangerous driving skills or stunts to light up a series of arrows within the boost bar. Once all arrows are lit then the boost bar will be refilled once depleted and a burnout will be performed.

Although it has a blue flame and boost bar there it has no relation to locked boost which is only equipped on Burnout Paradise's Carson Extreme Hotrod.