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Improved from the Modified Super, the Dominator Super is more aggressive and has the highest boost speed in its class. The pipes have been relocated to make room for the Dominator skull logo over the original exhaust position. Handling is more steady and the car now has some ramming power despite its minimal weight. Players can brilliantly acquire takedowns with this car and succeed in road rage as long as they dodge rivals' attacks and don't lose control.

How to Unlock[]

Awarded for a Gold in the Dockside Face Off.


The Modified Super bears a strong resemblance to the Bentley Speed 8, with the exception of its paint job and overall length, as the Bentley has a longer nose and tail. The Modified Super's front end matches that of the Toyota GT-One's front.

The Modified Super strongly resembles a Pagani Zonda F in the rear in many areas such as engine placement, spoiler and exhaust.

In other Burnout games the car also strongly resembles the Criterion Racer GT and EA Racer GT from Burnout Revenge. It also appears later in the Burnout Paradise under the name of Krieger Uberschall 8.

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