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The Dominator Sports is the last Sports series car in Burnout 3: Takedown. It heavily contrasts its stock form, the Modified Sports, by having somewhat oversensitive turning. The high speed that the Dominator Sports possesses, however, makes it a good choice for any races that are troublesome.

Two weight points are sacrificed in making the Dominator Sports from the Modifeid Sports to exchange for some extra speed and control. It is definitely more of a racer because its takedown ability has been completely diminished. The grip is a little slidey but it is an ideal vehicle for challenging race and face-off events.

How to Unlock[]

Awarded for a Gold in the Alpine Face-Off.


The front end resembles a Nissan GTR R35.The rear window and roof scoop greatly resemble that of a Honda NSX-R GT. The tail lights strongly resemble that of a 5th generation Honda Prelude.

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