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The Dominator Muscle is a vehicle in Burnout 3: Takedown. It is the upgraded version of the Modified Muscle, and the final car in the Muscle series. In addition to retaining the Modified's great handling and weight, the Dominator has an extra boost stat, making it perfect for any Race event, as well as Road Rages, as its speed can make Takedowns easier. The only downside is that the car feels more slippery than its stock cousin possibly because of the reduced weight.

As in all Dominator type vehicles, it only comes in Black with Orange tire flames.

How To Unlock[]

The Dominator Muscle is awarded for a Gold in Lakeside Getaway Face-Off 2.



The Dominator Muscle looks vaguely based on the Shelby Series 1 and the Dodge Viper, both seem to have greatly influenced the Modified Muscle's design, it also vaguely resembles the TVR Cerbera, a British sports car of the 1990s.


  • For some reason, in some versions of Burnout 3, the Dominator Muscle's flames are barely visible. In fact, the paint as a whole is a much darker than it's supposed to be (compare the black of the Dominator to the black of the Muscle Type 2). This problem is fixed in later releases of the game as well as Burnout Legends.

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