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The Dominator Assassin is a Crash vehicle in Burnout Revenge. It has blue flames, golden rims and a low crashbreaker.

Players who have saved a game in Burnout 3: Takedown can create a new profile in Burnout Revenge and unlock this exclusive vehicle for crash mode right away. Obviously having experience with the previous Burnout game, some players would probably expect their new car to have orange boost with a flame and skull motif from the name Dominator Assassin. While this exclusive vehicle keeps the Classic Crasher C170's skull insignia, the boost and paint finish are nothing like a Dominator car in Burnout 3. In fact, its more powerful counterpart resembles the Dominator theme more closely. Since the car is a downgraded reskin of the Classic Crasher, nothing is changed in its performance aside from the slower speed. The Dominator Assassin is a good starting alternative to the Stock C170 Mid for players who are willing to sacrifice speed for a stronger crashbreaker.

How to Unlock[]

PS2/Xbox: Have a Burnout 3: Takedown Save File.

Xbox 360: Complete Motor City Crash "Exploding Bay" in a Rank 1.


It resembles the 1951 Mercury Monterrey.

It reappears as the Assassin in Burnout Dominator.

The Carson Thunder Custom from Burnout Paradise is modeled after this vehicle.

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