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Dip Disaster is an event in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. More precisely a Crash zone part of Crash mode.

It is the sixth of 15 zones available in the mode.


On Screen: "Multi lane mayhem on the frantic freeway!"

The player begins inside the mountain tunnel of 88 Interchange, with a small curve that opens in the four lane freeway with cars on the same way and oncoming. The driver must hit one of the first cars of the row of vehicles running in the same way with the enough speed and strenght to make them crash and direct the wreckage of the player's vehicle into the oncoming lanes to continue the destruction.


The zone takes place on a portion of:

Title Icon
88 Interchange 88 Interchange B2 thumb


  • Completing Dip Disaster contributes, with the 14 other Crash Zones, to the unlocking of the Runaway cheat.