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Dead Man's Edge is a notable location Paradise City in Burnout Paradise. It is taken from a portion of a track in Burnout 2: Point of Impact on 88 Interchange.

It features a famous Super Jump located on North Mountain Drive, just south of the Crystal Summit Observatory, in White Mountain.

Players are awarded a PlayStation Trophy for jumping it. In addition to being a shortcut that can be used in Racing and Marked Man events, it is also a "famous" super jump because of its involvement in a number of Freeburn Challenges.


Dead Man's Edge is actually the general name used to refer to Dead Man's Curve, the part of North Mountain Drive that runs adjacent to the cliff. Also, the term can also refer to the diner restaurant built on the northern side of the curve named after the gap.

On the south side, players will notice the remains of a large Billboard stand. It seems that drivers present before the player is introduced to Paradise City actually made the daring jump and destroyed the billboard. There aren't any pieces of the original billboard that can be found to indicate the direction the driver was heading.

Beginners should be careful not to hit the stand when jumping southbound, as doing so will most likely cause a Wreck.

Freeburn Challenges[]

Dead Man's Edge and Dead Man's Curve are locations used in several Freeburn Challenges.

Players Challenge # Name Type Description
2 22 Dare to Jump! Team Challenge Land a total of 8 jumps from Dead Man's Edge. All drivers must contribute.
3 21 Fly On The Edge Driver Challenge Jump Dead Man's Edge, once from the north side, once from the south.
5 14 Living On The Edge Driver Challenge Jump over Dead Man's Edge 4 times.
6 45 Spin City Driver Challenge Get a 270-degree Flat Spin off Dead Man's Edge.
7 16 Air Today... Team Challenge Get a total of 30 seconds of Air Time, jumping from Dead Man's Edge. All drivers must contribute.
8 45 Dead Man's Reverse Driver Challenge Land a reverse jump over Dead Man's Edge.
8 48 Edgy Driver Challenge Land a total of 4 Jumps over Dead Man's Edge.

Car Timed Challenges[]

Players Challenge # Name Time Target Part 1 Part 2
5 10 Down to Earth 6:00 Meet up in the Observatory Every driver get a Vertical Takedown using Dead Man's Edge. Work together to stop the clock!

Related Trophies[]

Trophy Name Description
BP Original Bronze Jump Dead Man's Edge Awarded when you first jump over Dead Man's Edge in White Mountain.


During most Events, Dead Man's Edge Super Jump is of great use. In races, players will gain precious seconds on other drivers, and the same can be said for Marked Man events. In Stunt Run, depending on the speed the player is traveling at, the Super Jump can net you a +2 score multiplier. Expert players may even earn a +3 or +4 multiplier if they can correctly execute a Flat Spin. In a Road Rage event, taking the jump isn't recommended because AI rivals will never follow this route. It is best to keep driving on the main road as the player will earn more Takedowns this way.


  • Taking this jump will not cancel the ticker during a Timed Road Rule. It is ideal to take Dead Man's Edge because of the seconds it will shave off of your route.


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