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Daniell Way is a short road that hugs the northern coastline of Big Surf Island. It is the northernmost road on the Island and runs on an East to West/ West to East axis. Being on the North Beach, it has several different hotels and condos placed along it.


Daniell Way starts out from a traffic light T-junction with McDonald Road and Huntley Boulevard, though there is no traffic on Huntley with it being blocked off. As drivers first turn onto Daniell, a building lined in neon blue named No. 73 is visible on the immediate left. At the same time Noels, a very tall building, is on the right. After passing under a brightly decorated pedestrian bridge, Daniell comes to a merging junction with Glover Way.

Island World 026

The Divine Hotel on Daniell Way.

After the junction, several notable buildings line the right. They include the Blackburn Hotel, Magpie Hotel, and the Divine Hotel. Before coming to a traffic light T-junction with Shires Drive, the Paradise Keys Aquarium is visible on the left. At the intersection access to the pier is also on the left.On past the Shires intersection, the Tucker Towers and Zammo Mansions consume the right with the storm drain between them.

As Daniell Way comes to an end at a traffic light T-juction with Pitt Avenue and Maguire Road, views of the hillside homes above and around the Maguire Road tunnel come into sight. Also on the open beach to the left is an overflow valve which holds many barrel roll opportunities.


Event Type Event Name Starting Intersection (with Daniell Way)


Rocket Science Huntley Boulevard & McDonald Road

Road Rage

You Got Surfed Shires Drive


Shore Thing Pitt Avenue


Alternative Beach Route[]

Drivers can avoid Daniell Way altogether by taking the beach route. Access lays on both ends of the road. This route offers many jumps and other stunt opportunities that could gain boost, but there are many different paths mazing in and out on this path which could result in a crash.

Glover Way[]

Before the Shires Drive intersection, an underground route is on the left beside the Divine Hotel. This route leads drivers to Glover Way but is not advised to use in racing or road rage events. It also gives access to the North Beach Green Sign Parking Garage.

Storm Drain[]

Access to the storm drain lays betweeen the Shires Drive intersection and Pitt Avenue intersection. The storm drain can take drivers almost halfway across the island to the Shires Drive and Grange Hill intersection.


  • The road is named after Programmer Graham Daniell.