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Dangerous Swerves is a crash junction that takes place on the broken bridge in White Mountain. It is a perfectly straight junction that may seem to have an inappropriate name at first. However, the junction gets its name not from the layout, but rather its strategy. There are several methods for causing a wreck:

  • Boost straight down the oncoming lane and crash into something
  • Turn left onto the ramp and jump into a traffic vehicle
  • Quickly check a small car into a bus and swerve into the oncoming lane. From there, use one of the above methods to continue the destruction

Once all three lanes are blocked, all the traffic will pile together very closely. This is an excellent opportunity to increase explosion multipliers and address the requirements for the location's vehicle explosion and crash high score challenge targets. Although it appears to be possible to wreck all of the traffic, the vehicle hit counter never gets higher than 44/46.