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DJ Atomika is the in-game commentator in Paradise City and is the DJ on a local radio station by the name of Crash FM. Atomika is the players guide to Paradise City as the DJ reveals hints and tips to the player. Atomika also takes up the persona of a DJ instead of a guide when a player fails an event or is freeburning around by announcing it on the radio. Atomika also makes random comments about the city, future possible download content and game play aspects to do in Paradise. The player's progression throughout the game will actively effect how often DJ Atomika is heard.

DJ Atomika is the only known resident of Paradise City and answers questions from the Criterion Games mailbag. Atomika will often provide a very brief response to a person's question although the response will sometimes take a mischievous or impatient tone with them to create humor. Atomika often watches and comments on events that can be seen from out of the Crash FM Studio. Atomika will sometimes speak about a player's driving experiences.

Atomika also provides some advertising beyond the many billboards and cars in Burnout Paradise. Sometimes the DJ will talk about EA HD (Electronic Arts games in High Definition) and has asked that Crash FM listeners if they know what is being built by the bridge around the Waterfront Plaza.

DJ Atomika also presents the licenses to a driver. If a player wins a Burnout Driver's License or Elite Driver's License then Atomika will comment while the credits roll.



"Hehe you gotta hear this. We just got a snooty letter from the Maplemount Country Club saying that Crash FM encourages drivers to hold drifting tournaments outside their gates. Well you know, you know... they're right, we do encourage that. So you know, head over to Newton Drive, put your foot down, and take that bend sideways!"
"Ya know there is lots of stuff to be in Paradise City. Outside all that Racing and Road Raging stuff. Go take out some Burnout Billboards, break some Road Rules, find some new shortcuts, or something big to jump off! Let's explore people, know your enemy, and know your battlefield! This is Atomika, on Crash FM!"
"Man, I never lived somewhere with many broken bridges as Paradise City! Well ya know there's a trick. I just watched some guy doing a barrel roll off 1st Street bridge! Whoa, that was sensational, and that's all on Crash FM!"
"Ya know there are more cars in the air than birds these days. Watch yourself people, I'm going out to buy a helmet. DJ Atomika, hiding under a table, out!"
"Parking is boring, nobody likes parking, right? Wrong! I saw a car repark into a space going 100 mph! That's how we do things in Paradise City! This is DJ Atomika, broadcasting to you on Crash FM."
"The action is so hot today, I swear I saw flames coming out of the back of cars. Makes me wonder what kind of gas they're putting in those things. Why not find your local gas station and drive on through to find out for yourself! DJ Atomika, running lean and mean since 2003!"
"OK, time for your letters here on Crash FM! Craig writes all the way from Guildford, England. Guildford... yeah that... that sure doesn't sound as cool as Paradise City. You know, maybe we'll just leave that letter for next week's show. This is Atomika, answering all your letters on Crash FM... unless you're from Guildford."
"Take two cars, add 200 mph, and smash them together. What do you get? You get a Burnout sandwich, with extra relish! This is DJ Atomika, cooking up a storm here on Crash FM. Mmm... spicy."


"This is a race. You are here. Race (direction) to the (finishing point)."
"Race (direction) to the (finishing point)."

Burning Route or Island Tour[]

"You are here. Race (direction) to the (finishing point). The clock is ticking."
"Beat the target time to get a mark on your license, and a special reward."

Stunt Run[]

"Know all the stunts around here? Prove it."
"Chain your stunts together for maximum points. Get going!"
"Jump, drift, boost. Let's see those combos. It's Stunt Run!"
"Link those stunts, beat that Score Target. Time for the Stunt Run."
"Find the stunts and rack up the multiplier to beat the target score."

Road Rage[]

"The Takedown Target is set! Let the battle commence."
"Ready for some Takedown action? Let's Road Rage!"
"Ready for some rough stuff? Hit that Takedown Target!"
"It's Road Rage! Beat the Takedown Target for the win!"
"Hit the Takedown Target to get a mark on your license."

Marked Man[]

"Survive the drive (direction) to the (finishing point)."
"It's time for you to be the marked man. You are here. The other drivers are chasing you (direction) to the (finishing point). If you arrive in one piece, you'll get a mark on your license."
"In this event, you're the marked man. You are here. Escape (direction) to the (finishing point) before the drivers chasing you smash up your car. If you'll get there in one piece, you'll receive a mark on your license."

Freeburn Challenge[]

"Freeburn Challenge on!"
"Freeburn Challenge activated."
"Freeburn Challenge started."
"The ticker at the bottom of the screen tells you the challenge goals."
"You did it! Challenge complete."
"Challenge complete."
"Good job everyone."
"Challenge successful."
"Freeburn Challenge canceled!"
"What's next? This challenge is complete!"
"Way to go! Challenge complete."

Online Race[]

"Watch out for these guys."
"You gonna let this guy get the better of you?"
"These drivers are the ones you look out for."
"These players are coming for you."

Failing an event[]

"It's not the 'winning' it's the 'taking' part right? WRONG! In Paradise City, let me tell you it's the 'winning'! DJ Atomika with a home truth for you there."
""Speed isn't everything", someone else said. Well they were wrong of course. I'm DJ Atomika, and I only salute the fastest of the fast."
"Just in... reports of a hunk of junk resting on the street. Looks like someone thought they could outrun the bad guys with a bit of Sunday driving. My advice, when the going gets tough, the tough fight back. Either that or just make a run to the nearest Auto Repair."
"Yeah, don't expect to win a Road Rage if you're worried about your looks. Big and ugly is what it takes to survive. DJ Atomika, over and out."
"DJ Atomika here to let you know that Paradise City is a haven for hotshots that want to show off their driving skills. It's all about looking for the runs, knowing the spots, and not worrying about collateral damage."
"In a race, you can that shortest route or you can take the meanest. Tailor your strategy to the car you're driving. DJ Atomika up with a bit of Crash FM philosophy for the masses."
"Remember if you want to get somewhere fast, the route you choose is just as important as your top speed. If you only want to stick to the main roads, you'll never break any time records."
"Alright another report just in of a smashed-up wreck. If you can't outrun 'em, outgun 'em. Take Atomika's advice and get yourself a vehicle with a bit of muscle if you haven't got the speed to lose 'em."
"Yeah. The uh... the end of the Road Rage isn't always pretty, but... you gotta think of 'em as 'battle scars'. A 'mark of honor'. So take your pal Atomika's advice, and get back into the fight.
"Crash FM here and I'm DJ Atomika just reminding all you drivers out there that if you show off your air skills, you gotta look out for the ramps and jumps, that might add a bit to spice and twist to your run."
"You gotta use all use your navigation skills in a race. Take it from your old pal, DJ Atomika. Following everybody else, won't get you across the finish line in first place, will it?"
"We just heard about a failed Burning Route attempt. Heh. Tough luck, buddy! No prize car for you until you find a quicker route to the finish."
"DJ Atomika here with reports of Junkyards piling up wrecks as amateurs stick to the roads, without the knowledge of backstreets and alleyways that'll get 'em out of trouble when they're in a tight spot."
"At Crash FM, we've got a saying that goes "float like a fastback, sting like an SUV". You gotta choose the right tool for the job, then you gotta batter the daylights, out of anything with wheels still on it."
"This is Crash FM and I'm DJ Atomika reporting to you live from Paradise City. Where cars fly and parking garages, are the runways."
"It's great to experiment with your route while you're racing, but don't get carried away. Remember, your compass points to the finish line. So if you get lost, that should help you get back on course no matter where you are."
"This is DJ Atomika with another report of a maniac racer driving across Paradise City. From the reports, it looks like he was more 'maniac' than 'racer'."
"Another one, bites the dust. DJ Atomika here on Crash FM as another wreck gets added to someone's mantelpiece. When you're being chased, it's always a good idea to know where the nearest Auto Repair is."
"This is DJ Atomika and I'm getting reports on the outcome of what appears to have been a nasty case of Road Rage. Looks like the Auto Repairs are gonna be busy for quite some time."
"This is Crash FM and I'm DJ Atomika sharing some common sense with you. Choice of vehicle is all important in a Stunt Run. Y'know, you can't barrel roll a tank."
"Now here's a primo Atomika tip for anyone struggling in Race events. Getting a Boost Refill could make the difference between first and second place. So find all the Gas Stations in Paradise City as soon as you can. Then check your map while you're racing, so that you always know where the nearest one is."
"Yeah, a little advice from DJ Atomika to that lone driver who is just racing through Paradise City. Go fast, use the shortest route, and try not to crash."
"Y'know, it takes speed, backstreet savvy, and a tough car to make if more than a block when you are a Marked Man. DJ Atomika on Crash FM with his two cents, over and out."
"If a first you don't succeed, then try try again. And if you still don't succeed, try another event! Your thought for the day, from DJ Atomika."
"Sometimes, winning a Stunt Run takes a leap of faith, then a barrel roll of luck followed by a, flat spin of serendipity. I'm DJ Atomika and that my 'philosophical thought for the day'.


  • DJ Atomika has appeared as the commentator in other Electronic Arts games such as SSX 3 and makes frequent reference to it.
  • DJ Stryker refers to DJ Atomika on several occasions during gameplay in Burnout 3: Takedown.
  • There are different voices portraying DJ Atomika depending on the localization of Burnout Paradise being played:
    • In the English localization, DJ Atomika is voiced by Mark Hildreth.
    • In the French localization, the DJ is "DJ Diabolika".
    • In the German localization, the DJ is "DJ Atomika" and is voiced by Gesa Dreckmann.
    • In the Japanese localization, the DJ is "DJ RYU".
    • In the Spanish localization, the DJ is "DJ Bandy".
    • In the Italian and French localizations, "DJ Atomika" is female.
    • In the Polish localization, Atomika is played by Jarosław Boberek.
      • Some voice lines in the Polish version aren't translated correctly, most notably ones regarding the Online Leaderboards, and they play the English version instead.
    • In the Russian localization, DJ Atomika is voiced by Stanislav Klimushkin.