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The upgraded version of the Super Type 1 is very similar in performance. It is a true racer despite its heavier weight and cannot battle well. The main difference between the Custom and its predecessor is that its control has been increased near the max, making it one of the most responsive cars in Burnout 3. Also, drifting is an easier task to perform with the Custom Super.

The Custom Super features a unique three-tone paint job. The white portion cannot be changed, but the red/blue can also be changed to blue/black or just plain black. The vehicle also appears in Burnout Legends as the Super Collector 2. It keeps most of its fictional sponsors but has a black body with a white vertical stripe pattern.

How to Unlock[]

Awarded for earning 200,000 Burnout Points.


The front end resembles a 360 Modena as well as the sides and the overall shape. The only major differences are the engine placement and tail lights. Like its Type 1 predecessor, the Custom Super also looks similar to the Tuned R Models in Burnout Revenge. The addition of a spoiler makes it look like the R195 DX.


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