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The Custom Sport is an upgraded variant of Burnout 2: Point of Impact's Sports Vehicle. It is equipped with an aerodynamic body kit, an American flag vinyl, a spoiler, and a roof scoop.

The Custom Sport's performance has been greatly enhanced from its stock counterpart and is a near-perfect car in terms of statistics, making it one of the best cars in the game and the best in the custom series overall in terms of stats, though it is still beat out by the Supercar and the Japanese Muscle.

For the Xbox release, however, its stat distribution is noticeably worse, losing a few points in every category. The stat it sacrifices the most is control, which actually drops below that of the Custom Compact. It loses a point in top speed and it sacrifices quite a bit in acceleration too. It is still a very good vehicle to use however, even with these stat drops.

Like the other custom series vehicles for the Xbox release, it also gets 2 new vinyls it can use; a Union Jack variant of its standard vinyl and a Chinese dragon vinyl which can be colored either orange or purple.

As an opponent in the Custom Series Championship, it appears in two events; the Speed Streak Grand Prix and the Split Second Grand Prix.

How to Unlock[]

Get 1st place in the Speed Streak Grand Prix.


The Custom Sport loosely resembles a modified Saleen S281 Mustang.