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The Custom SUV is a vehicle in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. It is a modified variant of the SUV complete with a red body kit and a tribal flame vinyl.

It has been greatly improved from its original and is astonishingly quick for its size. Unlike most other Custom vehicles, the Custom SUV doesn't suffer from any handling issues despite the performance enhancements. It also has fairly good acceleration despite its bulk and it can catch up quite quickly after a crash.

The same does not hold as true for the Xbox release, however, where its stats were rebalanced. It now has a slightly lower top speed and significantly lower acceleration, which lowers the speed of the Custom SUV overall, making it feel as bulky as it looks. Its handling remains untouched, however.

Like the other custom series vehicles, the Custom SUV can also recolor its default body kit with the Xbox release, changing the red to black. In addition, it gets a new light streak vinyl which comes in 2 colors; white with yellow light streaks and grey with blue light streaks.

As an opponent in the Custom Series Championship, the Custom SUV appears in two events; it appears as an opponent in the Speed Streak Grand Prix and is also the target car in Pursuit 4. It can also appear in the Split Second Grand Prix, depending on which vehicle the player chooses to race with.

How to Unlock[]

Shut it down in Pursuit 4.


The Custom SUV resembles a Chevrolet Blazer.

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