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The Custom Roadster is a vehicle in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. It is a variant of the original Roadster and comes equipped with a yellow aerodynamic body kit along with a windshield sticker that states "Custom Series."

The Custom Roadster is a machine with untapped power, though its horrid handling will make it difficult to use effectively. It suffers greatly when going round corners and will frequently lose grip when just trying to weave through traffic. Its high acceleration and impressive top speed will allow it to catch back up quickly should it crash, as well as giving it an unparalleled boost start.

Overall, while it's a much faster vehicle than its stock counterpart, the control it sacrifices can make it too slippery in some situations. These factors make it a bad choice for beginners, but advanced players can use it with immense power if they are able to overcome the poor handling.

For the PlayStation 2 and GameCube releases, it is the only custom class car that can change color, with 4 possible options; the default yellow, white, dark blue and dark red. The "Custom Series" sticker changes with these options.

For the Xbox release of the game, its stats are slightly more favorable. The handling has been increased, though it is still very poor in comparison to its fellow custom series vehicles, and its top speed has also been given a slight boost.

A unique change made to the Custom Roadster for the Xbox release is its default color scheme, which has been changed to a red body kit with a white stripe going down the middle. In addition, its other color schemes have been changed to silver with a blue stripe, black with an orange stripe and the returning yellow with an additional black stripe. The "Custom Series" sticker does not change with these additional schemes and always remains white.

As an opponent in the Championship, it appears as an opponent in the last two Grand Prix of the Custom Series Championship; the Point of Impact Grand Prix and the Heart Attack Grand Prix.

How to Unlock[]

Win the Point Of Impact Grand Prix.


The Custom Roadster resembles a heavily modified Lotus Elise with headlights lightly resembling the Honda S2000.

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