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The Custom Pickup is a vehicle in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. It is a custom rendition of the original Pickup equipped with an aerodynamic body kit, a pair of roof lights and a red flame vinyl.

Its stats are heavily increased from the stock variant. It opts to focus more on raw speed, and so it sacrifices some control from the original in exchange for higher top speed and acceleration. Overall, while it's not the best, it is still one of the better vehicles in the custom series.

For the Xbox release, unlike the rest of its fellow custom series vehicles, the Custom Pickup's stats aren't changed in any way, making it perform even better in comparison to the other vehicles in its class, most of whom are now outclassed by it due to their stat drops.

Like the other custom cars for the Xbox release, the Custom Pickup's default vinyl can be recolored from black with red flames to silver with blue flames. In addition, it also gets a new streak vinyl which can be colored red with yellow streaks or yellow with black streaks.

As an opponent in the championship, it appears in two events, as an opponent in the Split Second Grand Prix and the target car in Pursuit 5. Depending on the player's choice of vehicle, it may also appear as an extra opponent in the Speed Streak Grand Prix.

How to Unlock[]

Shut it down in Pursuit 5.


There is a slight resemblance to the Ford F-150 Harley Davidson Edition.