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The Custom Muscle is a vehicle in Burnout 3: Takedown. It is the upgraded version of the Muscle Type 1, complete with a blower, a spoiler and other aerodynamic parts. While this vehicle has the same weight statistic as the Muscle Type 1, it is easier to drift in return for having less ample acceleration power. Players should be cautious though, because the Custom Muscle suffers from understeer at high speeds thus making the Custom Muscle more prone to collisions whilst turning.

The heavier weight still leaves the Custom Muscle with slow acceleration, but it is easier to drift, making it more usable for racing. While the vehicle is still perfect for takedowns, it is less effective for Road Rage because it can lose more grip. Like its stock counterpart, the Custom Muscle turns slowly. The taillights have also been changed, which is a unique customization for Burnout 3.

Red, blue and yellow are the available colors. All 3 finishes leave the stripes black, although black w/yellow stripes and white w/red stripes were cut from the game.

How To Unlock[]

Accumulate 25,000 Burnout Points.


The Shelby GT350 plays an influential role in the design of the Custom Muscle. It also resembles a late-60's Ford Mustang, but with bigger tires and a blower exposed from the hood. Its headlights are similar to a third generation Chevrolet Camaro.