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The Custom Muscle is a vehicle in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. It is an upgraded edition of the original Muscle, complete with a red aerodynamic body kit, a hood vent, a spoiler and a racing flag vinyl.

In terms of speed and acceleration, the Custom Muscle is a near flawless vehicle, a feature it no doubt inherits from its stock variant, which makes it an exceptional racing machine. A negative feature it takes from its stock variant, however, is its awful handling, which makes the Custom Muscle a nightmare to control, even more so than the Custom Roadster, a vehicle also notorious for its terrible handling.

Due to these factors, the Custom Muscle is not a good choice for beginners. Only advanced players can truly master the slippery controls of this vehicle, and they will be able to use it very effectively once they do.

For the Xbox release, its stats are mostly untouched, save for a small drop in top speed. Like other custom-class vehicles, it can change the color of its body kit for the Xbox release, from red to blue. In addition, it gets an additional vinyl, an american flag. With this new vinyl, the color of its body kit can be changed to either silver or black.

As an opponent in the championship, it appears in two events; as the target car in Pursuit 6 and an opponent in the Heart Attack Grand Prix. Depending on the player's choice of vehicle, it may also appear as an extra opponent in the Point of Impact Grand Prix.

How to Unlock[]

Shut it down in Pursuit 6.


The body resembles a 1995 Dodge Viper.

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