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The Custom Coupe in Burnout 2: Point of Impact is a customized variant of the Coupe. In terms of aesthetic enhancements it is equipped with a green aerodynamic body kit and an aqua stripe tear vinyl.

Performance-wise, the Custom Coupe has double the speed of its stock variant and two more acceleration points, although it sacrifices much of original's control in exchange. Despite being one of the later unlocks in the Custom Series Championship, the Custom Coupe has one of the lower stat distributions in its class. While an effective racer, it is easily outclassed.

However, it got a face-lift for the Xbox release, in the form of a small boost to its handling and a sizable boost to its acceleration. This stat increase makes it one of the better vehicles in the custom series and in the game overall. In addition, it can also recolor its default vinyl from green with aqua tears to yellow with orange tears. It also gets a new flame streak vinyl, which can be colored either blue with yellow streaks or black with yellow streaks.

The Custom Coupe would go onto become one of the most recognizable vehicles in the series and would appear the most out of all recurring vehicles, appearing in Burnout 3: Takedown, Burnout Legends, Burnout Dominator, and Burnout Paradise, the most reappearances out of any recurring vehicle.

As an opponent in the Championship, it appears as an opponent in two events; the Split Second Grand Prix and the Point of Impact Grand Prix.

Unlock Method[]

Win the Split Second Grand Prix.



  1. Tweet: @ImJamesHans "#FlashbackFriday #not #ThrowbackThursday the Fast & Furious was and still is so relevant that you can still see what influenced me to design this in #Burnout2 and was then kept in all #Burnout games #BurnoutParadiseRemastered". Available at: https://twitter.com/ImJamesHans/status/974569610581340160