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Disambig iconThis article is about the Custom Compact in Burnout 3. For the Custom Compact in Burnout 2, see Custom Compact (Burnout 2).

The Custom Compact is a vehicle in Burnout 3: Takedown.

It is an upgraded variant of the Compact Type 1 sported with a new set of wheels, spoiler and two-tone paint finish. It is generally the same performance-wise as its stock cousin, except it drifts in a better fashion and is thus easier to control. In addition, it cruises at a faster speed. Unfortunately, the boost is nearly impotent and serves to maintain high speed rather than further increasing it.

The Custom Compact can be painted red/white, blue/white, or black/white.

How to Unlock[]

The Custom Compact is awarded for attaining 10,000 Burnout Points.


The Compact Type 1 bears resemblance to the second generation Honda Civic Type R, the second generation Nissan Micra and the third generation Volkswagen Polo. The front fascia resembles that of a Mitsubishi Colt. The rear resembles the first generation Volkswagen Fox.

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