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The Custom Compact is a vehicle in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. It is a heavily modified version of the Compact complete with an aerodynamic body kit, a spoiler, and a gray tri-scratch vinyl.

Like its stock variant, the Custom Compact is a decent starting car for its respective championship. It is the slowest car in the custom series, though it is by no means a bad vehicle. Assuming the player didn't unlock any of the 3 championship Face-Off events, the Custom Compact is the best vehicle to use when starting the Custom Series Championship.

However, it is immediately outclassed by its fellow custom series vehicles, and once the Custom Sport is unlocked, there's no need to ever use the Custom Compact over something else. It has good control, however, and its acceleration has had a major boost from its stock variant.

For the Xbox release, its stats have been redistributed slightly, trading some acceleration for more speed, while keeping the control around the same level, making it a much better racing machine. Its standard vinyl can be re-colored blue, and it also gets an extra vinyl which can be colored yellow with blue scratches or gray with blue scratches.

As an opponent in Championship, it is the only Custom Series vehicle to appear in both championships; it is the rival in the Custom Series Qualifier in the regular Championship, and also appears as an opponent in the Speed Streak Grand Prix in the Custom Series Championship.

How to Unlock[]

Beat the Custom Series Qualifier event.


The Custom Compact resembles a VeilSide EC-I Honda Civic with a Feel's rear Bumper and Spoiler.

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