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"Ascend into the heavenly resort of Crystal Summit ski area! Watch out for falling snow!" - Burnout 2 manual

Crystal Summit Peak is a track featured in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. It takes place around the lodges of the Crystal Summit Ski Resort, as well as the mountainous regions that surround it. It is the shorter counterpart to Crystal Summit Lake.


The Crystal Summit Ski Resort is a very snowy area as it is set within the peaks of the snowy mountains. Due to the mountainous terrain, the road around the resort is very windy and bumpy, weaving through the gaps between each mountain. The area is also prone to harsh snowstorms which can result in a severe drop in visibility, making a crash even more likely for anyone driving in the region.


The winding nature of the road results in Crystal Summit Peak having some of the sharpest turns in the game. There are numerous harsh turns, including 2 hairpin turns, that must be done in rapid succession of one another. Although it is only slightly longer in length than Airport Terminal 3, it takes much longer to complete due to the constant corners. Drifting must be executed flawlessly in order to avoid either sliding into a wall and dropping speed or just crashing altogether.

Traffic is not too dense on this course, likely due to the harsh conditions and the remote area that the resort is situated in. It can still pose some problems however, notably around the hairpin at bottom of the resort, where traffic is usually lurking when racers approach.

Boost isn't too difficult to obtain in this route. The numerous turns do provide plenty of opportunity to build up a good drift and oncoming points are also relatively easy to build up. There are little big air opportunities, however, and near missing traffic may be dangerous in some sections due to the narrow roads.

Prerequisites to unlock[]

Forward: Complete The Miracle Mile.

Reverse: Complete the Custom Series Qualifier.