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A full view of The Observatory in the afternoon.

Crystal Summit Observatory is the Northwest event destination located in Silver Lake.

Career Events[]

Below are the single-player events that end at the Crystal Summit Observatory.

Event Type Event Name Starting Point
Race Far, Far Away 2nd & Root
Race Lakeside Getaway Nelson &E. Lake
Race Mano A Mano North Mountain & Schembri
Race Reach for the Stars South Rouse & Lambert
Race Tunnel Vision Glancey & 9th
Marked Man Run to the Hills King & 3rd
Marked Man Seeing Stars East Crawford & Sullivan

Burning Routes[]

Event Type Burning Route Starting Point Time Limit Reward
Burning Route (Right) Annihilator Burning Route Webster & 4th 2:35 Carson Annihilator Phoenix
Burning Route (Right) 25 V16 Revenge Burning Route 2nd & Fry 2:05 Watson Revenge Racer
Burning Route (Right) Spur Burning Route Nelson & Rack 2:05 Hunter Hotspur
Burning Route (Right) Takedown 4x4 Burning Route South Rouse & Hall 2:20 Hunter Takedown Dirt Racer


  • There is a hidden area across the road from the Observatory. It is speculated to be a shortcut "removed" by Criterion in the early development of Burnout Paradise. Before the Cagney Update, this road was accessed by activating Showtime, and then hopping over the rocks blocking the entrance.
  • There is also a second shortcut next to the Observatory itself. Unlike the first hidden pathway, this section of road is completely inaccessible, meaning you cannot use Showtime. You can however discover it by using Dead Man's Edge from the south, heading up the pathway on the left and showtiming into (and over) the red barrier.
  • The name for this landmark is a reference to Crystal Summit, one of the seven areas in Burnout 2: Point of Impact.