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"Ascend into the heavenly resort of Crystal Summit ski area! Watch out for falling snow!" - Burnout 2: Point of Impact instruction manual

Crystal Summit is a northern area in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. It is one of the seven zones in the game in which the player will race through. Due to all the sharp turns and (sometimes cheap) traffic placements, it contains some of, if not the hardest courses in the game. It is one of the last areas introduced to the player.

"Childish Games" is the music track that plays in this area's courses.


In the game and the manual, Crystal Summit is described as a ski resort. Several ski lodges can be found within the course, most notably throughout the Crystal Summit Peak track, in which a majority of the course goes through a large cluster of lodges.

As the name would imply, this area is prone to snow, and as such, the landscape is completely covered in it. This is purely cosmetic, though, and it has no impact on the handling of a vehicle. If the weather is set to snow, however, the heavy snowfall may obstruct the player's vision in certain parts of the course, as it can clutter up the screen and also brings about a few patches of mist.

This area is notorious for its large number of sharp turns, including two sharp S-turns, a hairpin turn and a winding road that makes a sharp left at the very end. Most players will end up grinding against these walls in an attempt to drift round them. To make matters worse, the traffic is usually in very inconvenient places, usually directly in the middle of a players drift line, which almost guarantees a crash.

At the speed players will be going at, some of the traffic will not even be seen until a collision is unavoidable, usually hiding behind some scenery or around a sharp corner. Quick reflexes and caution are required to get through either of this zone's courses without a scratch. It may be better to take a car that turns loosely and quickly, a la the Japanese Muscle, than a car with good control but stiff turning, such as the Supercar, as the quick, loose turning will enable the player to execute the turns much faster and will prevent slamming against walls.


Two tracks take place within this area.

In addition, two point-to-point races travel through some sections of this area.