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Cross Traffic is a crash event in Burnout 3: Takedown.

It takes place in Downtown, USA. If the event is played in World Tour mode, the player will be driving a Muscle Type 1.


Once the event begins, you should drive forwards and turn left so that you move onto the opposite side of the road where a boost pickup is located. After grabbing the boost, you’ll be fast approaching the first junction, which has taxis driving across it from both directions. Crashing in this first junction should be avoided, so hug the left when crossing, where you should be able to pass through a gap of taxis.

Shortly after crossing the first junction, you should be able to collect a bronze cash bonus pickup. Keep driving forwards until you see a gap in the barriers separating the two sides of the road and then drive through that gap so that you are now back on the side of the road you started on. Whilst driving through this gap, you can pick up the silver cash bonus.

Now you are back on the right side of the road, the gold cash bonus pickup should be in sight. Drive straight at it and steer yourself slightly so that you crash straight into the side of the flatbed truck crossing the junction under the bridge.

The flatbed trailer you crash into should swing out, forcing the cars behind to try and drive around it, where they will crash into a tanker truck on the other side of the road. You should aim to get as close as possible to the tanker before you use the crashbreaker.

Once the crashbreaker is ready, use it once a few cars have piled up behind the crashed tanker and use crash aftertouch to try and throw your car towards the parked buses behind the junction for some extra cash.

This strategy should award you with more than enough cash required for the gold medal.