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The Criterion R180 ST is an unlockable race vehicle in Burnout Revenge.

As far as performance goes, it has standard acceleration and grip, while its ability to turn is degraded by the extra weight. Otherwise, it is a generally well-rounded model that will work for most events.

It can be applied with various body colors including; silver, red, blue, black, gray, yellow, dark crimson, midnight blue, purple, crystal blue, and flame yellow,


The Criterion R180 ST is unlocked by earning a bronze medal in the "Road Rage - Reverse" event in Angel Valley within the Offensive rank.


  • The Criterion R180 ST is fitted with a Japan license plate that translates to "東京04 RC: 01".
  • In Burnout Dominator, the Criterion R180 ST appears on many billboards in Spiritual City.
  • It is right-hand drive.