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Disambig iconThis article is about the game mode in Burnout Revenge. For the gameplay mechanic, see Crashbreaker.
Crashbreaker Explosion

A Crashbreaker being used to take out a bus.

In Burnout Revenge Crashbreaker events are identical to a Race, Road Rage, Eliminator or GP event but with the addition of the Crashbreaker mechanic. These allow the player to detonate his or her car in a similar manner to the mechanic in Crash mode.


Crashbreaker events play exactly the same as their regular counterparts with the exception of Crashbreaker usage. When a player crashes in these events they normally can use Aftertouch to take out any oncoming rivals or they can detonate their car using a Crashbreaker.

The power of the Crashbreaker is determined by two factors. The first and most immediate is how much boost the player has at the time of detonation. If the player has no boost then a rival will have to be almost right against the car to be affected whilst blowing up a car with a full 4x meter will catch cars several lanes away.

Players can only detonate their car once in a single crash although the player can aftertouch one or more opponents to top up and expand their boost and thereby increasing the size of the explosion before detonation.

The other factor in determining a Crashbreaker's strength is a car's Crashbreaker Rating. Most cars available have a Rating of 1 but a special few have a Rating of 10 giving them tremendous explosive capabilities. This makes them excellent choices for players who tend to crash a lot during races.

Taking out another opponent with a Crashbreaker is known as Explosive Payback. Crashbreakers can also be used to perform a Revenge Takedown. A player can blow up a rival that has taken them down within seconds of a crash and score an Instant Revenge takedown. There is also a special Challenge Target at each world location that requires a player to takedown a certain amount of opponents with a single crashbreaker explosion. This ranges from one to four cars depending on the location. Taking out all five other racers in one blast is known as Total Payback.


  • There is a rare glitch where if you press the Crashbreaker button and the boost bar depletes, you will respawn immediately without explosion, without any boost (if you were to Takedown a rival).