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The Bikes Pack Special
Crash TV Podcast - Episode 9 The Crash TV logo.
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Length 35:19 Date 9/5/08

Crash TV Episode 9 - 'The Bikes Pack Special' was released on September 5, 2008 on iTunes. It is 35 minutes and 19 seconds long.


Crash TV Breaking News[]

Doug reports about Nakamura unveiling 2 secret bikes: FV1100-T1 and Firehawk GP Competition, the Davis update containing new features, challenges, events, and Road Rules.

Article: Burnout Bikes[]

Criterion team puts on the details on the Davis update.

Gameplay: Burnout Bike Challenges[]

The team do Online Bike Challenges with an "unusual suspect".

Crash TV Spotlight: Leipzig[]

Criterion heads to Leipzig Game Convention to showcase the Burnout Bikes run on Burnout Paradise PC.

Community News[]

The team gives us a Community news and updates.


  • Hosts: Jez, and Matt Webster