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'What is Burnout?'
Crash TV Podcast - Episode 6 The Crash TV logo.
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Length 28:49 Date 7/18/08

Crash TV Episode 6 - 'What is Burnout?' was released July 18, 2008 on iTunes. It is 28 minutes and 49 seconds long.


Spotlight: Everything Burnout[]

Brings viewers up-to-date on the history of the Burnout series and the game modes of Burnout Paradise

Codename: Cagney[]

What's happening with the Xbox 360 version of the Cagney Update

Calendar Events[]


Crash and Mugshot Results[]

Results of the Crash and Mugshot competitions revealed


  • First Crash TV video podcast with no Crash FM audio companion
  • Hosts: Jez & Simes
  • The Criterion Team is currently reshaping criteriongames.com to make it more inclusive and user-friendly.
  • Criterion Games did not attend this year's Entertainment Electronics Expo because they have been showing all of the content for Burnout Paradise as they build it.