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Toy Cars
Crash TV Podcast - Episode 13 The Crash TV logo.
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Length 9:40 Date 11/07/08

Crash TV Episode 13 - 'Legendary Cars' was released November 14, 2008 on iTunes and YouTube. It is 9 minutes and 40 seconds long.


Crash TV Spotlight: Stunt Run Strategy and Tips[]

"Sergeant" Sullivan teaches you how to get or send Mugshots to/from other players.

Tongue Twister Challenge[]

Simes tries to say and repeat the Tongue Twister phrase, "The ragged Roadster raced the rascal Rai-Jin round the railway tracks whilst looking forward to the Party Pack" while Folett is doing a Time Road Rule. If he fails, he'll gobble the whole bowl of beans. If he succeeds, however, he'll distribute the Burnout mouse pad and bag to the sender of the Tongue Twister, DBC9MX-JUNIOR.


  • Hosts: Simes
  • Minor announcements: Toy Cars
  • Simes gets a "wrong" move when being a host